Change the Game With AI
Part 3 – Music and a Bonus

Ori Ripp

Product Lead

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Change the Game with AI Music Composers

In this third and final blog in the series looking at how AI tools are revolutionizing games creation, we look at AI music composers, and as an added bonus, we also introduce an AI lip-syncing tool that allows your characters to speak in any language you desire. AI music composers are already bringing tailored music to game production. Using AI for music composition in your games is an affordable way to get high quality sounds. AI music composers have other benefits for games developers too. They produce original, copyright-free music that you can use without fear of legal consequences. You are in charge of the music. You define the mood, length, structure, instruments, beats per minute and more of your piece of music, enabling you to tailor it to your game. You can edit the music, create variations for different scenes or levels, or change it entirely – all in a matter of seconds. And best of all, it requires no prior experience of composing music.

Amper Music

The story has it that Amper Music was founded by three Hollywood composers who found that more and more of the music requests coming to them were for generic background music. Their reasoning was that an AI music composer could be used to create cheap background music for any purpose (yes, including games), and from there, Score was born. Score is a music creation platform that can compose, perform and produce music. It was taught music theory and to recognise how music triggers emotions from listening to millions of pieces of music. Every sound within Score is created from samples of real instruments recorded live in Amper’s studio, which gives Score’s compositions an added touch of quality sound. With Score you can create unique, license free music with a few clicks, and in just a few seconds. No music experience is needed, all you need to do is create an account, feed the system your preferred genre, length, tempo, and style, and press go. The AI music composer will make your music, and then you tweak it until it is just right for your needs. And then download it to use in your game. Amper Music requires you to buy track licenses in order to get the music itself. All licenses are royalty-free, allow global distribution, and won’t expire. Take your games’ music to the next level with Amper Music.

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an iOS app that lets you compose new music for your games in just a few minutes.  The AI engine was taught by having popular music from the ages scanned into it, alongside an algorithm that lets you set variables based on the mood, emotions, and experience you want from the music. In order to start creating your piece of music, you choose the length, drama, era, and other variables you want. It will then pull those variables together pulling inspiration from existing songs with similar characteristics.  The tunes created by Amadeus Code are original and unique – no two songs are the same. The AI music composer can create limitless tunes using the same parameters, so you can quickly get a new piece of music simply by pressing a button. Once your piece of music is created, it can be exported, saved, or edited. The app is constantly updated by uploading chord progressions from popular songs which are then used as the inspiration behind new tunes (although they may not sound quite as you know them in the new composition). This constant update also helps ensure that every piece of music is unique. Using the Amadeus Code app is free, but you need to pay in order to download your music creations. Prices start at $1.99 for a pay as you go song, and $9.99 per month for the Premium app. Download this app and just call yourself (Wolfgang) Amadeus (Mozart)!

Evoke Music

Evoke Music is not an AI music composer, but a royalty-free music library that lets you access unlimited music. Evoke is created by Amadeus Code, and it uses Amadeus Code’s song-writing engine in order to compose its music. In order to find a piece of music on Evoke, all you need to do is search by any three keywords that tell the catalog what you are looking for by mood, genre, instrument, or even a feature from your games creatives. The resulting piece of music is 100% copyright free, context aware, and unique. Evoke is a subscription-based service with three pricing options: Creator Free, Crater Pro ($11 a month), and Business ($41 a month). The different price plans also give you access to advertising revenue generated on YouTube for any of your compositions. Search for your next games’ background music now.

Bonus: JALI – Make your Characters Speak

Getting the sound right in your games is about more than the music – your characters want to let their voices be heard. But allowing them to speak in multiple languages can look ridiculous as their lips are out of sync with their words. Enter JALI – or Jaw and Lip Integration tool. JALI’s aim is to help games developers create high quality speech and facial animation for their characters in multiple languages. JALI’s suite of tools work with all rigs, production suites and game engines, integrating with your existing pipeline, and making it super easy to create realistic looking speech in not just one language, but several, pretty much at the same time. JALI works as a combination of machine learning to teach it the sounds of different letters in different languages, rule based AI, to teach it which facial movements correspond to sounds, animation principles ensuring that your characters follow current protocols, and human insight which allows you to retain ultimate control of your characters. As creators, you have the ability to edit animation curves, change the emotions presented, and add cues for non-verbal behaviour and language settings through tags in the text transcript.  If you want to get a feel for how JALI works – just check out Cyberpunk 2077. JALI was used to create the speech and facial expressions of every character in Cyberpunk 2077 – in 10 languages!