Learn to Work with Unity Using These 3 Guides

Denis Chiriac

Unity Developer

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UNITY is a cross platform engine allowing developers everywhere to create luxurious looking games. It’s being used by the best of the best for games across multiple platforms. It really is an impressive engine that can deliver stellar results with access to amazing features that assist in creating both 2D and 3D games. The beauty of this engine lies in the fact that those with little coding or programming experience can quickly become serious Unity developers after taking in the right guide on the subject. Read on as Funorama shares its top 3 options:
Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D:
This course actually began as a Kickstarter success story and now remains one of the most popular and most used Unity engine game development courses on Udemy. It takes you from start to finish, giving users a thorough understanding on how to create games using Unity. The course starts off super simple without any need whatsoever for existing Unity or coding knowledge and also gives support from fellow students and the course leaders. It teaches all coding and design principles – and for the artists it will teach how to bring assets to life. There is access to a course forum which adds an even greater level of understanding and support. This course gives you: 35 hours of on-demand video, 3 articles, 27 downloadable resources, full time access from any device, certificate of completion.  Read more about it here

Why We Love It:
  • Caters to all
  • 35 hours of quality unity lessons from scratch  
  • Build 7 2D games
  • Learn C# programming
Make a Game Basic Series (YouTube)
Created by Brackeys, a company that allows anyone to create top quality games, this course is YouTube based and caters to all skill levels and is completely free to watch.  This course comprises 27 short videos hosted on YouTube and takes you from learning and understanding the basics of Unity, to making a game,  animations, particles,  magic, enemy and eventually completion. Upon reaching the 27th video in the series, the viewer should have a pretty decent understanding of Unity and how to make a complete game. Start watching it here

Why We Love It:
  • A 20+ part video lesson 
  • Teaching of basic principles for making a game in Unity  
  • Start with the basics, interface, scripting
  • Ends with a complete game
Unity Tutorials
It makes sense that Unity themselves would have a stellar course guide, right? Indeed, the team at Unity have created a complete learning environment that delivers on demand resources expected from an outfit like Unity. From tutorials delivering bite size learning content, to projects delivering hands-on practice to reinforce learning, the courses give solid content to help reach a long term goal. This course is comprehensive, and allows you to save progress as you go along – and shares with you personalized recommendations based on your activity.  This course delivers a guided learning experience to gain the Unity skills needed to advance goals and bring visions to life. Courses vary and include those dedicated to pathway, mission, course, project and tutorial. It covers everything you could possibly imagine, from editor essentials to scripting, from graphic/ visual effects to XR and AI/ Navigation. Learn more here.

Why We Love It
  • A growing resource of quality tutorials 
  • Guides from and to the Unity environment
  • Contains a wealth of courses: entry to advanced tutorials on everything a unity game developer needs to know