Stay on Trend With These 10 Hyper Casual Games Instagram Accounts

Ori Ripp

Product Lead

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Hyper casual games move quickly. They are produced quickly, catch attention quickly, and downloaded, played, and then deleted just as quickly. For hyper casual game creators, that means that they constantly have to be up to date with what people are playing. 

These 10 Instagram accounts make it easy to see the very latest developments, and gain inspiration for your next hyper casual game. Watch the latest trends, stay one step ahead and make sure your games are on-trend by following the very latest hyper casual game releases.


The Storeglide Instagram account provides frequent updates on recent releases of new hyper casual games. Storeglide’s posts are short videos of gameplay taken from their real time app store tracking service, where they monitor the app stores for the top rated games at any time.

Equally useful is the way that they include the games’ producers, so that you can track the most successful producers over time.

Follow this Instagram account to keep your finger on the hyper casual games pulse.

Mobile Game World 

Mobile Game World’s stated mission is to provide daily inspiration to games developers everywhere. Their method for doing this is to invite developers to send them their games to feature on the page, getting real time insight into the very latest games, and also providing opportunities for developers to get exposure. 

Follow this Instagram account for a daily dose of inspiration.

Lion Studios 

Lion Studios’ mission is to publish fun, entertaining mobile games that are played by people all over the world. Powered by AppLovin, they are a hyper casual games powerhouse, with chart topping games, and mass appeal.

Their Instagram account is the place where they introduce all these games, and even celebrate old games that they feel deserve to be remembered.

Follow this Instagram account to see how the big boys play.

Homa Games 

Homa Games are a games publishing and promotion company with a long list of successful games, and millions of monthly active users. The Homa Games Instagram account is the place to see their latest games, which can come from any developer that they publish, and cover many game themes. Their showcased games vary in style and design.

Follow this Instagram account for inspiration on any theme.


Rollic Games are the developers behind hyper casual games such as Tangle Master 3D, Build Roads, Repair My Car!, and more. Their simple, 2D and 3D games have global appeal and regularly reach the top 5 places in the app stores. 

Rollic makes great use of their Instagram account, creating series images to showcase their upcoming games, which they confidently call ‘The Next Big Thing’. Given their successful track record, they are right.

Follow this Instagram account to be the first to know the next big thing.

Gismart Games 

Gismart Games is a leading developer and publisher of hyper casual games, creating games that regularly top the charts all around the world. Gismart’s games are based on a whole range of themes, from VIP Guard, to Foil Turning 3D, and Ice Creamz Roll, they produce a game for everyone.

Gismart Games use their Instagram account to showcase their latest games, including promo videos, explanations, and links, so you can see how they work.

Follow this Instagram account to skill up your hyper casual games.

Supersonic Studios 

Supersonic Studios are the producers behind Sort It 3D, Ultimate Disc, Hide ‘N Seek and more. They are constantly on the hunt for more games to produce and publish, launching competitions such as ‘Supersonic Superstars’ encouraging developers to submit their hyper casual games to them for publishing. Their Instagram account is a mix of supersonic announcements and demos of their games.

Follow this Instagram account to see what kinds of games are being picked up.


In their own words, Popcore creates beautiful, oddly satisfying hyper casual mobile games. Their Instagram account is full of videos of their games, latest news, and other interactive content. Their posts also encourage comments, so you can see what people think of them (for good or for bad).

Follow this Instagram Account to see elegant simplicity in action.


Playgendary produces world leading mobile games that are played by people everywhere. Their major titles include Kick the Buddy, Polysphere, Tomb of the Mask, and the Masters franchise, all of which have gained success the world over.

Playgendary’s Instagram account is dedicated to their games. On it, they introduce new games, telling their audience a bit about them, complete with videos showing them off. 

Follow this Instagram account to follow their success.



Ketchapp is a longstanding hyper casual games producer who has published more than 200 games, including 2048, the most famous puzzle game ever, and knife hit, which gained more than 100m downloads.

The Ketchapp Instagram account is dedicated to their new games, with videos and stories for each new release they want to highlight.

Follow this Instagram account to track games before they become famous.