The Leading Engines for Mobile Game Creation

Denis Chiriac

Unity Developer

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Building a game completely from scratch in 2021 is no easy task, it takes a wealth of expertise from graphic to animation and programming. Fortunately the game developer community is strong and continues to build and leverage a seemingly endless amount of tools to help create beautiful games. Most developers now turn to these engines to help streamline operations – yet which ones are the ones to watch? Read on as Funorama shares its top 3 leading engines for mobile game creation.
There’s a reason why some of the biggest players out there turn to Unity as a game engine. Unity is a cross platform engine which includes a load of tutorials to help those less experienced get started and is geared towards A to AA projects. Developers everywhere love this engine as it is suitable for both 2D and 3D development, it is designed to enable collaboration across various platforms  – from desktop, mobile to console,  and VR. Unity is often considered much more than just a development platform- but rather an ecosystem designed for a dynamic community of creators to tap into learning docs, assets and support. Access it HERE

Key Reasons Why We Love It:
  • Cross platform functionality
  • Strong guides and tools
  • A to AA projects
  • Enables collaboration between developers 
An impressive open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool, the Unreal Engine first appeared in the game ‘Unreal’ – a first-person shoot-em-up released back in 1998 –  and eventually became open source in 2005. Today it gives developers total freedom and control to deliver intuitive content, incredibly interactive experiences and virtual worlds. Big names like Batman: Arkham Asylum use this engine for a reason- it supports testing inside the platform, uses C++ language and has a relatively easy learning curve for developers with lesser coding experience. Unreal Engine offers a complete suite of development tools for those working with real-time technology – from design visualizations to HQ games across PC, console, mobile, VR and AR. With this one engine you can start, ship, grow and create! Access it HERE.

Key Reasons Why We Love It:
  • Cross-platform functionality 
  • Many guides and tools
  • Suited for AA to AAA projects
  • Supports testing inside the platform
  • Uses and compiles C++ 
Don’t let the unfortunate name fool you. This cross platform engine is a strong contender for creating apps and games for mobile devices and desktop systems. Corona SDK came to life 8 years ago and now allows developers to create projects once and publish across multiple devices – from iPhone and iPad to Android, Amazon Fire, Mac and Windows desktop. It is completely free, Lua based, has plugins for all needs, and can call any native library. Development teams continuously praise this engine as it gives them the power to monitor projects instantly on multiple devices using live builds. Access it HERE

Key Reasons Why We Love It:
  • Cross-platform
  • Fewer guides and engine popularity
  • Geared towards A to AA projects
  • Free to use
  • Speedy
  • Calls any native library
  • Vast amount of plugins
  • Lua based