Change the Game With AI
Part 3 – Music and a Bonus

AI tools are touching every part of the game creation process, and music and speech are no exceptions. AI music composers allow game creators to compose music that is tailored to the tempo of their games, quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, inexpensively. Completing the circle is the introduction of AI facial tech that adds life to your characters – both verbally and non-verbally.

Change the Game With AI
Part 2 – Animations

AI animations take the game animation process to a whole new level, creating realistic movements unbound by the constraints of human imagination, and improving the user experience with smooth life-like scenes. Discover how these three AI animations tools can be used to improve animations in your games.

Hyper Casual As A Design Language

Hyper casual games continue to hold the top free download places in both app stores, and accumate ad revenue for their makers. Their success is based on simplicity of concept and design. Hyper casual can now be seen as a legitimate design language, with a clear set of principles that every game designer, of all forms of games, needs to take into consideration.