Great Unity Assets for Hyper Casual Game Development

Denis Chiriac

Unity Developer

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Interested in speeding-up your unity game development? Well now’s the time! Read on as Funorama delivers its top 3 assets to turbo charge your efforts:
Cartoon FX Remaster
Used for: Superior toon particles and effects
Backed by glowing 5 star reviews, Cartoon FX Remaster is the latest version of Cartoon FX Pack 1 and includes all new effects which have been completely remade. It includes over fifty superior quality special effect prefabs featuring dozens of variants. Cartoon FX Remaster is a great asset to speed up your game development as it includes a wealth of general purpose effects including explosions, smoke, fire, water splashes, and fireworks. This asset works with URP and features a simple ‘drag and drop setup. Users are already celebrating this asset as they are using it to not only accelerate development, but also make prototypes more ‘juicy’ with superior quality particles and the ability to edit text or remove/ customize said particles. Access it here.

Key reasons why we love it:
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • 2D/3D compatible
  • Works with built-in and URP pipelines
  • Impressive HDR effects
  • Customizable text effects
  • Overdraw/ fill rate optimizations using custom particle meshes
Toony Colors Pro 2
Used for: Easy stylized shaders and tools
This gem of an asset makes your unity game stylized with absolute ease. Toony Colors Pro 2 is a collection of stylized shaders and tools with a strong focus on ease of use and flexibility. With an easy set up, this asset is proving a hit with developers as it works with URP and excels in obtaining that popular hyper casual game look and feel.

User reviews are celebrating this asset as one of the best toon shader packages available today on the asset store with a visual shader generator that gives incredible abilities to those without a great deal of knowledge of shader coding. It comes with extensive documentation and the developer is often praised for being incredibly responsive, delivering constant upgrades as time goes on.  Access it here.

Key reasons why we love it:
  • Easy shader generator tool
  • Works with built in and URP pipelines
  • Desktop and mobile versions 
  • PBS version 
  • Extensive documentation
Spline Mesh
Used for: Bending meshes, curbed content in real time
Containing an incredible amount of features, this free asset offers ‘bending meshes made easy’ and delivers. This awesome asset helps developers create curbed contents in real time, creating bending racing tracks – it even allows setting up complex bezier-like moving trajectories. Spline mesh remains a free asset and in our opinion is a lot better than many paid alternatives on the market as it delivers simplicity and flexibility. Users can easily change source code for total control and the asset is backed by a Twitter Forum and of course doc, code, comments and a complete inventory of examples in action.  Access it here. 

Key reasons why we love it:
  • Easy curbed contents in real time
  • Free asset
  • Mesh bending along spine
  • Easy to use editor
  • Mathematical Bezier curves 
  • Changeable source code